Saturday, April 9, 2016

CHAMP to the Rescue!

CHAMP to the Rescue is a rescue dog program run by CHAMP Assistance Dogs.  Selected dogs from local animal shelters receive 8-12 weeks of training in basic skills and house manners, giving them a "second chance" at a forever home.

Last week another "CHAMP to the Rescue" happened...  
Triad School District's Silver Creek Elementary School unexpectedly found themselves without Therapy Dogs for their much anticipated Family Reading Night.  Special young readers, through their hard work, had earned the opportunity to read a favorite book to a furry, 4 legged listener. With the event only days away, Triad teacher Andy Frey, along with CHAMP Therapy Dog Program Coordinator Liz Aurbach, put out the call to Illinois CHAMP Therapy Dog Teams to fill the need at Silver Creek Elementary School.  In addition to being a great teacher in the Triad School District, Andy and his dog, Bentley (Cairn Terrier) are a great CHAMP certified Therapy Dog Team!  (Andy in blue shirt, center, below).      
CHAMP Therapy Dog Teams and Therapy Dog friends
joined forces at Family Reading Night!
Two and 4 legged alike had a wonderful time at Family Reading Night!  Magnum (below) learned about Bossy Pigs, fishing and how to make sand castles!  But most of all he, and all his Therapy Dog friends, loved to meet and listen to the young readers at Silver Creek Elementary School.
Magnum listening to his new friend read her book!
As I reflect on this evening, I am proud to be a part of such a selfless group.  The joy, professionalism and camaraderie present with these Therapy Dog Teams is a privilege to be a part of.  Thanks to the CHAMP Trainers for training such a wonderful group of dogs (and their people!).   And thanks to Liz Aurbach, Therapy Dog Program Director extraordinaire, who keeps track of us all and coordinates the many requests for CHAMP Therapy Dogs.

Last, but not least, "Thank You" to Silver Creek Elementary School for allowing us the opportunity to share our wonderful dogs with your wonderful readers.

Miss Carol


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  7. Nothing new in two years, huh? That's what, 14 dog years? I'm guessing Magnum...bit the bullet?
    ha! I'm hilarious! Enjoy the day.