Monday, November 10, 2014

Hospice is About Living

Magnum with keynote speaker Dr. Karen Wyatt, MD (above right)
and Miss Carol
The 32nd Annual Hospice Conference of  Southwestern Illinois was held on November 6th at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.   Our pens almost couldn't write fast enough as attendees took notes during Dr. Wyatt's wonderful presentation.  Even Magnum's ears perked up as Dr. Wyatt asked the question:
Do you have to wait for a terminal diagnosis before you can change the way you live?
Dr. Wyatt's presentation was entitled "Life Lessons from Hospice Patients:  Finding Joy in Being Alive."  She spoke of joie de vivre, the joy of living.  The enjoyment of simply being alive no matter what life brings. 

Dr. Wyatt has written a number of books as a result of her experiences as a family physician and hospice medical director.   Her book "What Really Matters" arrived in the mail today (she sold out at the conference) with a fabulous inscription...

 "To Carol and Magnum,
So lovely to meet you both! 
Blessings to you in your work!"

Magnum and I left the conference with a bounce in our steps (my 2, his 4 feet!) as we fought against the cold, blustery wind to our car.  With renewed joie de vivre, we went directly to the Hospice Home ready to learn more lessons for living.

Dear Dr. Wyatt,
Thank you for sharing your hospice experiences and insights with us all.  Blessings to you in your work.

Miss Carol and Magnum

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday to Magnum!

Magnum is so excited for his Birthday Party!  We are inviting everyone who knows or has been touched by Magnum to come to Relais Bonne Eau on Wednesday, July 16th!  Magnum's birthday party is from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.   We will have lots of fun and eat lots of cake!  Magnum too!  Your presence is Magnum's present - he would love to see you.  Any presents offered in Magnum's name will be given to the Metro East Humane Society.

Hope to see you at the "Paw"-ty!
Miss Carol & Magnum

Monday, April 28, 2014

A CHAMP "Canis Major" Honor

On April 12, 2014, CHAMP Assistance Dogs honored their volunteers with unveiling of a new award for service above self.  "The Canis Major Award is named after the Great Dog constellation which includes the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, the Dog Star.  This award acknowledges volunteers for stellar service to CHAMP and to their larger community."   Twenty one CHAMP volunteers were honored, including Miss Carol:

For transforming yourself from a "cat person" into a devoted partner to CHAMP Facility Dog Magnum; for your endless hours at his side, comforting patients and their families at the Hospice of Southern Illinois' Relais Bonne Eau Community Hospice Home; for your innumerable community appearances with Magnum, educating our broad community about hospice aand about service dogs and therapy dogs; for your generous spirit; for always representing CHAMP masterfully and with grace.

Magnum and I are very humbled by this acknowledgement of our efforts!  Any impact we make is because of the generosity of CHAMP in their training and placement of  Magnum with Hospice of Southern Illinois.  We hope we bring as much joy as we receive each day.  It is our privilege to serve.

Miss Carol

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Magnum vs. SKUNK!

      As if our lives are not exciting enough...  Last Friday Magnum decided to get up close and personal with a new friend.  UGH!!!  Magnum was hanging out in the yard as I was putting groceries away and YOWIE!!!  I could smell Magnum coming before I could see Magnum coming.  Poor thing... It didn't spray his eyes, thankfully, but the whole side of his neck.  Held him quiet while I hopped on the internet:
     All I had was Palmolive, and Magnum got about 5 Palmolive baths!  It said the quicker you get the skunk oil spray off, the better.  By the time Dad got home a few hours later he DID NOT smell skunk!  WOW!!  Still, the next day the Vet said to give Magnum another bath in Tomato juice, so I did...  I was really worried because Magnum had to go Andria's Countryside Restaurant on Saturday night for the Magnums for Magnum event in honor of the Facility Dog and Pet Therapy Programs at Hospice of Southern Illinois.  He couldn't go there smelling like a SKUNK (or tomato juice)!!!  (The event was a huge success!  THANK YOU Andria's for all your work to support Magnum and friends).  Fortunately, no one said they smelled anything but the wonderful food at  Andria's!
     Finally, Magnum went to the groomer on Monday.  Hiroko said she could smell the skunk scent when she first got Magnum wet.  Then again when she blew him dry with a blow dryer.  Oh well.... as long as no one throws water on him or tries to blow dry him at the hospice home we should be OK....  :)

Smelling Sweet once again,
(and Miss Carol)