Monday, November 10, 2014

Hospice is About Living

Magnum with keynote speaker Dr. Karen Wyatt, MD (above right)
and Miss Carol
The 32nd Annual Hospice Conference of  Southwestern Illinois was held on November 6th at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.   Our pens almost couldn't write fast enough as attendees took notes during Dr. Wyatt's wonderful presentation.  Even Magnum's ears perked up as Dr. Wyatt asked the question:
Do you have to wait for a terminal diagnosis before you can change the way you live?
Dr. Wyatt's presentation was entitled "Life Lessons from Hospice Patients:  Finding Joy in Being Alive."  She spoke of joie de vivre, the joy of living.  The enjoyment of simply being alive no matter what life brings. 

Dr. Wyatt has written a number of books as a result of her experiences as a family physician and hospice medical director.   Her book "What Really Matters" arrived in the mail today (she sold out at the conference) with a fabulous inscription...

 "To Carol and Magnum,
So lovely to meet you both! 
Blessings to you in your work!"

Magnum and I left the conference with a bounce in our steps (my 2, his 4 feet!) as we fought against the cold, blustery wind to our car.  With renewed joie de vivre, we went directly to the Hospice Home ready to learn more lessons for living.

Dear Dr. Wyatt,
Thank you for sharing your hospice experiences and insights with us all.  Blessings to you in your work.

Miss Carol and Magnum