Thursday, November 29, 2012

A day at Edwardsville High School

What a day!  We visited lots and lots of students interested in medical careers.  Our friend, Candice Arana, Community Educator with Hospice of Southern Illinois, talked about hospice care and the wonderful services offered by Hospice of Southern Illinois. 

Magnum was so happy because he got to meet a ton of kids!  We started off talking about Magnum's Service Dog training, time spent in prison, and skills.  Then we got to the really fun part - talking about what Magnum does TODAY at the Hospice Home. He simply brings joy and comfort to people!  He does this through visits with patients, their families and his fellow employees at Hospice of Southern Illinois.  Magnum loves his job and was really happy to share the story of his work with the all the students today. 

Thank you, Ms. Jennifer Weller, Medical Occupations Coordinator, for asking us to come today!  We appreciate the opportunity to educate people (young and old) about hospice care.  Remember:  Hospice is about LIVING!

Magnum gave his all today in our presentations.  Here's what he is doing now:
Thank you everyone at Edwardsville High School for making this a great day for me, Miss Candice and Magnum!
Miss Carol

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