Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eye On Design

Magnum relaxing in his office
Magnum's been watching HGTV, and decided we needed to redesign the office he shares with Mary, Clinical Office Coordinator at Relais Bonne Eau.  We did this yesterday on an evening visit to Relais Bonne Eau - so, SURPRISE Miss Mary!!!  (Hope she likes it!)  It is much more ergonomic now!  Visitors can now look into Magnum and Mary's office and see Magnum on his mat after a long day at the office chatting up the staff at the water cooler and visiting patients and their families!  Thanks Montez for your help in moving everything around (again, and again) until Magnum thought it was just right.  We knew we had it right when he plopped right down on his mat and looked at us as if to say "This is it!"  Add Interior Design to Magnum's resume!  :)

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