Thursday, April 19, 2012

The EYES have it!

We honor the American College of Veterinary Opthalmologists and Merial for providing free eye exams to Service Dogs.  Today Magnum visited Dr. Ben Johnson of Animal Eye Associates in St. Louis for his exam.  Thank you Dr. Johnson!

Mr. Cool
Just like a person, Magnum's eyes were dilated for his exam.  He read the eye chart exactly right  and Dr. Johnson declared that he had perfect vision!  Yay Magnum!!

Magnum wore his shades all the way home and has to stay inside, out of the bright sun for the rest of the afternoon. 

Magnum can't wait to SEE (perfectly) all his friends soon.

Have a great, bright, shiny day!
Miss Carol

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  1. Yes! Indeed, such a cool and amazing dog :)